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Designed to excite

Maximize the marketing potential of your brand. Bosch's Doy Zip bag engages consumers with a premium look that adds convenience and guarantees freshness.

The end result? A stronger brand and greater loyalty.

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Why use Bosch

Premium quality

Don't compromise

Your customers want it all. So should you.

Packaging that strengthens brands while delivering a quick return on investment. Bosch offers you both. Eye-catching bag design, stand-up format and product protection – your customers get everything they want. And you get speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Zipped in style

Zipped in style

A quality zipper seals the deal

For nuts, confectionery and chocolates, a deluxe bag equals premium quality. With straight-edged lines and gas-tight seals, Doy Zip from Bosch enhances product freshness and gives brands an exceptional look and feel.

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Need for speed

Need for speed

The fastest Doy Zip vertical bagger

Talk about smart engineering. The new SVE 2520 DZ produces up to 100 Doy Zip bags per minute. Continuous motion operation along with a patent-pending zipper application technology ensures perfect alignment at top speeds, with top quality.

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Mix and match

Flexibility that lets you relax

Customers change their minds, and that’s okay. You can choose up to 7 different bag styles on one machine — and make changeovers in as little as 45 minutes from pillow to Doy Zip.

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Big impact, small footprint

Maximizing throughput while saving space

Compared to horizontal equipment, Bosch’s new vertical bagger offers up to 50 percent higher output while taking up only a third of the space.

The result: lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment.

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  • 1 Premium quality
  • 2 Zipped in style
  • 3 Need for speed
  • 4 Flexibility
  • 5 Footprint
Quick facts

Get more for less

The SVE DZ lets you have your cake and eat it too. It gives you the flexibility of a vertical bagger while matching the quality of horizontal equipment.

From chocolate and nuts to fine confectionery treats, it’s a sure bet to build brand loyalty while boosting your profitability.

Let us tell you more

Technical information
Up to50%
Higher throughput

Its compact frame and low height help speed production per square meter.

Doy Zip bags per minute

Continuous motion and synchronized zipper application accelerates production.

Smaller footprint than horizontal lines

The vertical bagger measures only 6 square meters, enabling it to fit easily into a manufacturing line.

Bosch Doy Zip  

Discover for yourself how Bosch’s Doy Zip vertical bagger gets results quickly. Learn more by requesting the Doy Zip datasheet, ordering a free sample bag or speaking with a local Bosch representative.



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