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The dazzling stand-up pouch that gives your brand a boost
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Doy (Zip) sample kit now

Stand out at the point of sale with the high quality bags your brand can achieve with the SVE Doy Zip bagger. Consistent high quality bags, from pillow to stand up Doy (Zip). Including paper Doy and numerous sustainable reclosable Doy Zip bags from a range of material suppliers. Wait no longer and get your free sample kit now.

Everything and More.

Your customers want it all. So should you.

Shelf appeal that entices

A stand-up pouch that catches the eye and delivers a quick return on investment. Syntegon gives brands a leg up with premium quality and product protection. And you score big with unbeatable flexibility, speed and efficiency.

The fastest Doy Zip vertical bagger

Thanks to Syntegon's smart engineering, you can produce up to 100 resealable pouches per minute. Get products to market in record time with Syntegon's continuous motion bagger.

A patented zipper seals the deal

Syntegon's patented zipper application and long-seal technology assures the deluxe quality of Doy Zip bag. With straight-edged lines and airtight seals, the packaging gives brands an exceptional look and feel.

Choose your style

Syntegon offers maximum flexibility for even the most fickle customer. Choose up to 9 different bag styles on one machine and make changeovers in as little as 30 minutes, from pillow to Doy Zip.

Future proof your vertical packaging line

Lower initial investment with maximum flexibility

Packaging equipment that grows with your business

Keep your initial investment low and purchase only the needed bag style equipment now, and then upgrade as needed in the future. As the example on the right you might want to package your product in pillow and block bottom bags now. And when your business grows or market demands change upgrade to additional bag styles like other stand up and reclosable bags without the need of a new packaging machine. With the available upgrade kits and our experienced engineers you are able to upgrade your machine at your facility with minimal disruption to your production schedule.

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For a wide variety of products

Like for example confectionery, snacks and grated cheese

For a wide variety of products

Like for example confectionery, snacks and grated cheese

Step up your game

Go bigger with SVE 3220 Doy Zip
Vertical bagger for optimal production of larger stand-up pouches

Feeding a growing appetite

Your customers are hungry for bigger stand-up pouches, and now you can meet their demands. Large family and party Doy Zip pouches can now be up to 320 mm high with the same uncompromised quality.

Carry that weight

Meeting marketplace needs, Syntegon's new vertical technology offers stand-up pouches with carry handles. You asked for it, and Syntegon delivers.

Film variety

With a novel hole-punch feature, you now have for wider options of packaging materials. Choose your film, leave the rest to Syntegon.

Minimize Your Investment
Maximize Your Output with the Syntegon Doy Zip bagger

Stellar quality, lightning speed, and unparalleled flexibility – all in one compact machine.

9 bag styles for unsurpassed flexibility

Syntegon lets you create 9 different resealable bags up to 250 mm high with quick and easy changeovers, in as little as 30 minutes from pillow to Doy Zip. With pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner seal, 3-sided seal, Doy and Doy Zip, you can quickly adjust to changing market demands – in a jiffy.

Small footprint, big impact

Syntegon's vertical bagger takes up only a third of the space of traditional horizontal equipment, but it delivers 50% higher output. That’s space-savings you can take to the bank, with lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment.

Not your ordinary zipper

Syntegon's patented zipper technology eliminates wrinkles and imparts the premium look your brand deserves. Get the quality of horizontal equipment with a lower initial investment.

Get more for less

The Doy Zip technology from Syntegon lets you have your cake and eat it too. It gives you the flexibility of a vertical bagger while matching the quality of horizontal equipment.

From chocolate and nuts to free-flowing goods, it’s a sure bet to build brand loyalty while boosting your profitability.

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Higher throughput – its compact frame and low height help speed production per square meter


Doy Zip bags per minute – continuous motion and synchronized zipper application accelerates production
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Smaller footprint than horizontal lines – its compact frame and low height help speed production per square meter